As a member of the City Council, you spend most of your time listening and less time talking. Sanjay has demonstrated an ability to listen and absorb. I feel he has the tools to make an effective member of our City Council and am proud to endorse him and I hope you join me in supporting him as well.

Art Kiesel - Former Mayor of Foster City

Sanjay's first priority is to the families of Foster City. He will ensure that all future projects benefit the people who live here - parents, children, seniors, retirees. He will partner with the school district to guarantee that our children receive the high quality education that they need to thrive. Sanjay's experience and commitment to collaboration is exactly what we as residents need!

School District Board of Trustees: Audrey Ng (President)

I am endorsing Sanjay Gehani for City Council for several very important reasons. Sanjay is a businessman so he understands finance and how to spend wisely. Sanjay is very intelligent and is prepared to use his intelligence to make wise and proper decisions for the betterment of Foster City. However, what makes Sanjay stand out, in my opinion, is that he will leave his ego at the door of the Council Chambers. He is willing to listen to all sides and make the decision that is in the best interest of the residents of Foster City, and not to make the decision that will make him look like a big shot. Please consider Sanjay and vote for him for City Council.

Steve Okamoto

I wholeheartedly endorse Sanjay Gehani for election to our City Council. His education and business experience uniquely qualify him for the task of representing our City. His temperament and proven ability for civil discourse is something that is sorely needed on the City Council at this time. He has shown the ability to evaluate the issues facing our City in a factual and responsible manner and will be an independent voice in the critical decisions to be made in the near future.

Bob Fitzgerald - Former Mayor

Current Council Members

Vice-Mayor  Gary Pollard

Catherine Mahanpour

Former Mayors

Pam Frisella

Art Kiesel

Robert Fitzgerald

Respected Leaders

Alexis Lewis - Community Activist and San Mateo County Democrat Central Committee Member

Steve Okamoto - Former Council Member

Dan Dyckman - Chair, Foster City Planning Commission

Audrey Ng - President, School District Board of Trustees

Noelia Corzo – School District Board of Trustees

Bob Grassilli - Mayor, San Carlos

Carole Groom - County Supervisor (San Mateo, Foster City, Belmont)

Dave Canepa – County Supervisor (District 5)

Residents / Voters

Seth Adkins

Andrew Atwal

Sonia Bhanot

Amanda Bushman

Isabelle Bushman

Julie Chamberlain

Manjira Datta

Jennifer Davis

Steven Delmonico

Tracy Delmonico

Dan Dyckman

Karen Dyckman

Mark Erlick

Lisa Fahey

Stacy Ferrer

Pam Frisella

Robert Fitzgerald

Lorenzo Gueco

Song Han

Carl Hess

Eva Hess

Sue Igoe

Stacey Jimenez

Thad Jimenez

Sarah Joe

Art Kiesel

Ashley Kumar

Rakesh Kumar

Sunil Kumar

Tami Lahl

Russell Lee

Leslie Loui

Jason Louie

Sinoy Louie

David Magro

Jennie Magro

Jayu Mehta

Dianne Miller

Linda Minkey-Maguire

Charlie Maguire

Catherine Mahanpour

Alan McColl

Marcella McColl

John Mitchell

Bob Nelson

Patricia Nelson

Audrey Ng

Steve Okamoto

Bob Pedro

Melissa Pedro

Gary Pollard

Kris Pollard


Jason Pollard

Craig Pottruck

Sophie Saad

David Saito

Jennifer Selvitella

John Selvitella

Christine Semenza

Smita Tiwari

Kailash Tripathi

Megha Vachani

Gyansham Vachani

Rita Vachani

Nina Wang

Aaron Wiener

Bojana Wiener

Connie Yao

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