Break the Gridlock

We pay a heavy price for traffic; it takes us away from our families, makes us less productive at work, and increases our levels of stress.

No one wants to sit in grid-lock traffic. We need to stand together with businesses, agencies, and other cities to no longer accept the “new normal”.

A larger contributor to our local resident traffic is pass through traffic trying to avoid the gridlock at the Highway 101/92 interchange.

We need to address traffic not just within our city limits but with our neighboring cities as well.  The data is available and we can use it to better define the problem.

I support identifying and testing short-term solutions that might provide immediate relief within our city. Former Council Members and current residents have come forward with inexpensive ideas that could be implemented quickly such as re-striping to add lanes near an off ramp, stopping left turns during evening commute hours from parts of Hillsdale (courtesy of Former Mayor Fitzgerald), and enabling access to the Fashion Island Blvd. exit from the 92W exit lane on 101S (courtesy of Amit Saini).  Of course, the ideas would stay ideas without the execution from a phenomenal Staff which is also working on better coordination of signal lights, especially at intersections where our city boundaries meet the city of San Mateo and CalTrans.  

In addition to the creative ideas from our community, we need to establish interagency communication, cooperation and coordination. We need to strengthen our abilities to work through and with other agencies. We also need to pull our businesses into the effort to drive innovative solutions to our traffic challenges.

Longer-term, I see a need to make sure the 92/101 highway fix is moved up on the CalTrans priority list. Eventually, implementation of efficient east-west high-speed transportation to get people from their homes, maybe as far away as Livermore and Tracy, to their jobs in our region and back home again will make life better for all of us. 

So what is my role in all of this? I’m an enabler and a collaborator.  My job is to help move good ideas forward, get the ear of CalSTA (which includes CalTrans) and the MTC to make sure we can work together and negotiate wherever possible.  

We need to work collaboratively across both the county and the bay region on strategic initiatives over the long term.

I am committed to working together and getting Foster City moving again!

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