I am here to serve YOU

We are an amazing community with tremendous potential. I am committing my time and energy to listen and represent YOU and no one else.

I will drive and support initiatives enhancing community connectedness and transparency.

I am not a developer nor do I have any relationships with developers. I do not win or lose when small businesses compete within our city for our business.

I do not believe respect and civility are weaknesses.

I am driven by the morals and ethics my parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors have instilled in me from a very young age.

My values are continuously strengthened by my family and friends.

If I am bestowed the honor of representing you, I want to be remembered as representing the best of who we are.

  • We are selfless.
  • We care for our elderly and we care for our children.
  • We put each other first.
  • Foster City First!

Now is the time

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